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What kind of technology will my child need to start school?


Acknowledging that every child has different preferences and learning styles, one specific type of technology will not be required. It is suggested that each child have their own laptop computer or similar tablet device. iPads are certainly appropriate, so long as there is a keyboard attachment.

Headphones are also suggested, so that individually a student can explore appropriate educational resources without disturbing others.


What kind of homework load will my child have?


The academic school day is designed so that students have adequate time and flexibility to achieve their goals on a daily and weekly basis. Because they are free to learn at their own pace, learning is fluid. Global Football School believe that daily homework should be limited so it is beneficial for each student.

The exceptions will be the evenings leading up to a formal assessment, when the student needs to spend time reviewing and studying. 


GFS hopes that afternoon and evening hours are spent with friends and family, pursuing individual interests and enjoying being a kid. Depending on the age of a child, a certain expectation for reading and sharing of the work accomplished at school will be in place for many of the evenings.