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Global Football School – Student Centered and Mission Driven


Global Football School develops the complete student - mentally, physically and intellectually - by placing them in an environment that is both individually challenging and rewarding.  Our students are self-paced and inner-directed, and aware of the planning, diligence and commitment involved in becoming a contributing member of their team and community. The Global Football School student prepares today for the opportunities which will come tomorrow.


As the first micro school of its kind in the United States, Global Football School is committed to advancing each and every student in their academic journey in a way that honors individual strengths and interests, and in an environment that values collaboration, passion and flexibility. At the center of programming is an award-winning, accredited and independent school curriculum that is academically rigorous while providing the highest level of flexibility to ensure each and every student excels and succeeds.


Connections Academy and their curriculum are built on a rich foundation of reading, writing, and foundation of reading, writing, and arithmetic. That foundation is then layered with history, science, music, geography, and the arts to ensure no gaps in instruction. Every student is evaluated prior to the school year to ensure they are properly aligned with the rigor of the curriculum at their grade level. Math and language arts are evaluated separately, with the possibility to either excel or be remediated as appropriate. 


GFS academic excellence comes from the commitment to an individualized learning experience for every student. The GFS model acknowledges the student’s strengths and learning style preferences, enriches and supports areas of weakness and allows for the development of individual areas of interest and passion.  An Individualized Learner Profile and Education Plan (ILPEP)™  is created, modified and compiled throughout the year. The ILPEP™ is a detailed profile that includes individual learning style preferences, academic strengths and weaknesses, parent and past teacher insights, student self-perception of academic strengths and interest and strategies for optimizing the academic experience and achievement for each child. This comprehensive and ever evolving profile is aligned with the latest research on brain based learning and best practices in education.


Global Football School acknowledges that educators are the most critical component in student success and motivation. Learning Coaches™ at GFS are experienced educators passionate about guiding each and every student to the highest level of personal success both academically and personally. Without the time burden of creating curriculum on a daily basis, Learning Coaches™ are fully invested in the daily progression of every student.


Every day, Global Football School students have an opportunity to develop life-skills and values both on and off the pitch. Focusing daily on organization, goal setting, decision-making, collaboration and teamwork, combined with opportunities to become a self-directed learner who is able to develop and pursue individual passions and interests, is the game plan for creating students prepared for all the opportunities of tomorrow. To learn more about Global Football School, please email the school HERE.

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