"GFS Player" Jonathan Amon signed his first PRO Contract

"GFS Player" Jonathan Amon signed his first PRO Contract this week.

Jonathan has been in Denmark for the better part of 2 years. Our Technical Director and coach at GFS, Kenn Schmidt Nielsen, scouted Jonathan when out watching games when he first arrived to USA, and helped "Johnny" to Denmark, were Kenn setup school at KIES (Sports school just outside Copenhagen), and took him to Brøndby IF and FC Nordsjælland for tryouts, both Pro clubs playing in the danish SuperLiga.

Jonathan Amon has signed a 3 year deal with FC Nordsjælland, and are now to be a part of the Pro squad at FCN.

Congratulation to Jonathan on his new adventure as a Pro Football Player. Big things are coming for this young man in the years to come.

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