Global Football School USA, Inc strives to bring our students the best education possible within our unique curriculum and the sport they all LOVE.

And GFS has taken an important step by officially receiving nonprofit status (NPO).


Operating as a nonprofit aid us in our mission to truly align our core beliefs with our practices. The presence of financial incentives can often create conflicts of interest in the academic world.  


The education curriculum will not change nor will our vision in the football training curriculum. Our endeavors are now buttressed by representation. We are aiming to grow the school with a focus on education first.  


We strongly believe that our new status sends a clear message that, although we must financially be responsible in our journey, our priorities lie in education rather than profitability and quantity of students.  


GFS curriculum has been tested because we have strived to focus on quality first, not quantity. Choosing the road less traveled is a strength in our nontraditional environment.


The education component is different as it is a quasi-homeschool approach via SC Connections Academy and the soccer training is a style reflective in our European roots.


Again, we are delighted to share this news. There are of course singular advantages to holding our nonprofit status.


One of the ways our new nonprofit status will enhance our curriculum is in the formation of our GFS Scholarship Program (GFS/SP). GFS/SP is a community outreach program to families with talented players who deserve this opportunity, but do not have the financial means to attend the school. 


If you seek more information about the school or would like to DONATE to our     GFS Scholarship Program to support families with talented players who deserve the extra help, then please email us at for more info.


GFS USA, Inc has the ultimate goal of sending students to overseas clubs and football schools in their high school years. We now have successfully sent 3 students to Denmark and a fourth is preparing to go.

One of whom hopefully will sign his first professional contract in May 2017.