Learning Coach

What is the classroom experience and school day going to look like at GFS?


Global Football School is going to be different in many ways from your child’s traditional school experience.  The physical space itself is designed so that collaborative learning is encouraged.  Expect to see tables with chairs around it, beanbags on the floor, and individual, comfortable chairs for kids to work in.  White boards will be available for the kids to use either individually or as a group.  When a child needs quiet time to focus and work there will also be space set aside for that as well.  As the kids begin to grow in their knowledge of their learning styles and play an active role in their learning process, they will be able to recognize the environment that works best for them according to the task at hand. 

Flexibility is at the heart of the daily plan at GFS.  Students will arrive in the morning and have an opportunity to play/move in an organized group activity.  The school day opens with a daily planning session.  Every child will assess the tasks and goals for the day based on where they are in the curriculum and create a plan to achieve those goals.  As the year progresses, this exercise will become less and less driven by the Learning Coach as the students develop the skills of goal setting, time management, self-regulation and organization.  The rest of the academic time during the day will be dedicated to completing their daily plan with the guidance and assistance of the Learning Coach.


What is the role of the Learning Coach™?


The Learning Coach™ is an educator whose passion and expertise lies in accommodating the needs of individual students.  Just as a coach on the pitch guides player development, the Learning Coach™ will guide each and every child through their learning.  Because the Learning Coach™ is focused exclusively on the children, without the burden of creating curriculum and assessments and delivering set lessons to groups of students, he/she is available the entire school day to work with individuals and small groups to ensure the academic goals are being met on a daily basis. 

Behind the scenes, the Learning Coach™ will be in constant contact with a professional educator whose, primary focus will be to develop an Individualized Learner Profile and Plan (ILPAP)™.  The professional educator will be an expert resource to the Learning Coach™ to insure every child’s learning style is being met.  As instances arise where a student needs extra support in a subject or topic, the Learning Coach™ will be able to pull from the resources and expertise of her support system to accommodate the child.  Additionally, this resource will provide the opportunities for each student to excel in areas of strength as well as pursue opportunities for deeper learning in areas of individual passions.


How often can I expect to hear from the Learning Coach™ about my child’s progress?


The philosophy of multiple layers of academic support for students at Global Football School includes parents.  Our Learning Coach™ is available to parents to talk about individual concerns or ideas. On a weekly basis, the Learning Coach™ will be in contact via email with a general overview of progress and areas of progress and concern.  There will be a schedule of formal communication regarding grades and ongoing classroom assessment eight (8) times during the year, as well as two (2) teacher/parent conferences.  

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