The Official ball of
Global Football School

The Global Football School campus at 5000 Lackawanna Blvd, North Charleston, SC 29405, USA (Danny Jones Complex Armory), provides a secure and student-friendly environment, which is welcoming to students and players of age 9-14. 


The setting includes classroom, fullsize pitch, pool, tennis courts, hockey ring and 1 futsal court


Educational environment are designated for both group instruction and individual learning, to accommodate traditional and online study programs. 


The school creates both a child and parent-friendly experience.


From a football perspective, daily training is a pre-requisite to advancing through the GFS curriculum. 


Our outdoor and indoor facilities ensure training will remain on schedule, and not be interrupted due to weather or other environmental conditions.


The multi-purpose use of our athletic complex is ideally situated to provide education, football, and is flexible to address both the mental and physical needs of our student.