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The Global Football School uses the curriculum of Global Football Training, which was a three-year Danish project studying talent development programs at leading clubs and academies across the globe. As part of the study, observations and data were taken from 26 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, North and South America.


Player development is affected by training techniques, the players social environment, players physique, nutrition, culture and many other factors, all of which were considered in creation the Global Football Training Curriculum. The study itself focused on points which could be measured and quantified, allowing for accurate comparisons from one club/academy to another.

Read more about Global Football Training HERE


Life Skills

Every day life

Structured planning is key to providing the student with security in their daily life. Flexibility and adaptability will ensure the student has an important level of freedom.

‘Life skills’ create a foundation for the development of mental skills. Many young players need help in organizing their life 

as an elite player, as well as, prioritizing education, family and their social network. A structured daily life creates the stable foundation for further work, and takes a player one step closer to becoming a top player.  In other words, it is inappropriate to be working on a mental training, if the student athlete’s daily life is in a chaotic state.

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Understanding the game

Football players with experience in the game, can recognize a situation and put it into the correct context. The more experience players have, the greater the chances of recognizing situations. Recognition often means a greater level of consistency, less time in decision making, and hence better chances of choosing the most appropriate decision and action in the game. 


The action of that specific decision is the ability to analyze several options and select several opportunities from these options. We need to train players to analyze the opportunities and from that, make the best decision. 

Players should learn where the most appropriate places on the field are for each decision. The decision depends on an assessment of the risks involved. Risk assessment should cover both the “chances of successes” in a given situation, as well as the relational factors involved. Read More HERE


Education Setup

Learning is at the heart of the Global Football School, and the academic classroom is real reason why the school began. 

GFS believes learning can be further optimized by placing the child in an environment where they want to be, as opposed to an environment where the child has to be.

By offering an option to the traditional school day, GFS structures the schedule to provide more a balanced, fun and interactive environment.  Students of the Global Football School are challenged to excel at their own individual pace, and a culture of independent and responsible learning is fostered through greater personal accountability. Read More HERE

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