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Excellence both on and off the pitch is the foundation of GFS.  


GFS, will provide a unique and exceptional private school experience that is purposeful in its design and always focused on what is in the best interest of the students.  

Highly skilled and professional Academic Coaches work with each student individually to ensure that strengths are enhanced, weaknesses are built up, and learning styles are acknowledged and accommodated.

The result will be a collaborative community of independent and responsible learners, eager to explore, problem solve and explore individual passions and interests.


Flexibility is at the heart of the Global Football School.  


A rigorous, college preparatory curriculum using Connection Academy and Odyssey Online Learning Education resources is in place, and will allow each student to be responsible and active participants in their learning, all the while progressing at their own pace to achieve success.  Students will have daily opportunities to develop life skills such as organization, goal setting, time management and organization.  An emphasis will be on collaboration and team work in order to accomplish goals and solve problems, and every student will have many opportunities to find and explore individual interests. 


Testing and Measurement


The academic programs available through the Global Football School are accredited to state and national standards.  Traditional testing for academic year progress and future placement is available to all students.  Maintaining high academic standards is a priority at the Global Football School, and students are encouraged to take part in the Duke Tip Program, take the PSAT, and work ahead of their peers to achieve academic success beyond their traditional grade level.


Academics and Sports


There is a positive correlation between academic achievement and academic performance.  For example, Dutch researchers reviewed 14 previous studies from different parts of the world that looked at the relationship between physical activity and academic performance.  Their review is published in the journal Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine. 

GFS Academic
Academics/Sports Studies.
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