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If you traveled more than 165,000 miles across 26 countries on six continents, while visiting more than 100 youth clubs and academies, what would be the result?  


The Global Football School USA, Inc located in Charleston SC.


GFS is the first football (soccer) school in the United States to incorporate the best practices, tactics and philosophies from the world’s leading youth programs into one single curriculum.  The school will be using the Global Football Training curriculum as the foundation within the football student education.


The objective at GFS is to develop the complete player, by placing ‘intelligent decision making’ as the corner stone of the football foundation. The relationship between physical activity (sports) and academics is well document.  Athletes who excel in the classroom are likely to transfer these achievements into adult life.


GFS combines a classroom education with a training environment, challenging our student/players mentally, physically and psychologically to perform at a higher level.  Football is not just an after school activity, it is a topic taught along side of math, english and science.


The Global Football School will be an environment providing academic programming, football training and the development of life skills.  For the 2016-17 school year, enrollment will be limited to 24 students to ensure the best experience for both the individual person and overall group experience. 


Global Football School is NOT affiliated with just one club in the Lowcountry, but have an open door policy to all clubs in the area.

Our students/players are representing and playing club football in the afternoon and weekends in different clubs in the area.

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